We take it as our sacred responsibility. It's more than a tagline when we say ... For Your Eyes Only!

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Secure & Confidential

While our clients only gave it a top 5 rating of importance (see 2017 ratings to the left), we assign the security and confidentiality of our shoots our top importance. We believe that your trust in us falls into a category of being a sacred oath and while perhaps of less importance for clubs and professional clients, for private clients it should be your first consideration in selecting a studio to shoot with. We have heard too many stories of photographers either loosely handling or deliberately publishing client information and images. Our reputation is built firmly on the belief that any images we take are "for your eyes only" and we go to extreme lengths to make sure that is so.
After each shoot we back up all content onto secure hard drives that are fully password protected. These drives are then removed to a secure location on a rotating weekly basis. By storing raw content in this fashion we make sure that in the event of any damage to files, the original files are available for reconstruction should the need arise. For example we have had clients come back to us ten years later asking if we could find their old shoot and we have been able to deliver them in each instance.
All working files and all backed-up files are stored in fully secure password protected folders. Each shoot is given its own unique password and a password log is stored in an encrypted file.

Can you keep a secret?

We can and do.

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